Sunday, 23 January 2011

Project for Diesel

After being given a few briefs to pick from at Uni I've decided to do one for Diesel. The idea is to pick two tracks by a band or music artist who inspires you and create an illustrated response for each track.

I have chosen Nirvana, one of my favourite bands. I love how they really think outside the box in terms of lyrics and the music they play. They tried to seek alternative ways of describing or telling something, rather than in the obvious way, making their work deeper and experimental. The two tracks are 'Polly' and 'Drain You'.

I feel illustration can be furthered in its use with new technology such as the ipad, iphone and ipods. Just like you can already upload an album's artwork onto your ipod/ipad, I feel that having a specific illustration[s] for each track would further support the music and give the listener much more information for that track. You could also flip the page over to reveal the lyrics. This is something you had when purchasing a CD and something I miss in the digital age. Nirvana's fan base is still growing, with fans who weren't even born when they were still together. It would be hard for them to understand the underlying message of the tracks, so hopefully this app will help that.

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