Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Human Intervention

These are photos that I took while watching news videos and uploaded footage on YouTube of the 2004 Tsunami and and the recent Pakistan floods. This is for my current project, 'Reinventing Illustration'. I've recently been watching 'Nature Shock' documentaries and various others about the natural world and natural disasters. I find it amazing how so many of these disasters' causes stem back to human activity. Droughts, floods and imbalances in food chains, to name a few, always seem to be our fault. I now find it difficult to call them natural disasters!
I'll be making T-shirts and raincoats illustrating what we are doing to our world. My intention is to distort the illustrations when they get wet. So the more you wear them, the more distorted they will become. I think this resembles our ideas of these disasters well. It is not such a simple and easy explanation to understand anymore. Its much more complicated than that. We used to have models of why these things happen within the natural world, but we have distorted our understanding of this with our own contributions.     

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