Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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These are a couple of prints I created this week. I feel like I'm really getting the hang of etching now, but I still need to develop a good working style in mono printing.

Paul Hickey/ Date 20/10/2010

How many prints did you make this week?

I made quite a few this week. Not all of them worked but I'm still experimenting. I feel like I'm getting quicker at doing them now I know exactly what I'm doing, so I'm not scared to experiment. Before I feel like I held back a bit, because it took me a long time to prepare the etching plate, I knew that if it didn't work, I would have wasted a whole day of print.

How many of these taught you something new?

The etchings was basically carrying on from last time, but the mono printing aught me a lot. Its a very fast way of printing and really gets across my style of working quickly, so I'll definitely be doing it again. 

How many hours did you spend in the print making workshop? 

I spent all day in there. I felt more prepared going in this week so I could start printing straight away.

Competence in practical printmaking techniques - 60-69 - I'm starting to get really confident with printing now. Especially as now I have some really clear ideas down in my sketchbook I really have something to work towards.

Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking - 50-59 - Could have done better here. Etching was the same as last time. i could have applied paper etc on the surface to make it a bit more interesting. Mono printing is still new to me though so I was pleased with what I did. 

Visual Sensibility; understanding and expressing ideas in images - 50-59 - The etchings that I did showed my ideas much better this time. They look more like sheep (although could be better) and the detail on the face shows an elderly element to them. The mono prints are slightly blurred which brings my idea across well. I still want the original animals in it but added in a subtle way so it was perfect. 

 Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work - 50-59- I have looked at a further two artists - Ceri Amphlett and Dave Mckean. Amphlett's work is new to me and perfect for this project, and I think it shows in the printing that I have done.  

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  1. Good Paul, Ceri used to teach on this course! I think the way she incorporates text is very important too, think on this. Try to include links of your artist inspirations too. Caroline B.