Monday, 8 November 2010

Print Pathway Aesops' Fables

Paul Hickey / for lesson 02/10/2010

How many prints did you make this week? 

Not too many. The prints I was planning to work on top of were still wet, so I began to create new etching plates, as well as speaking to my group and Caroline about each others work which took a large amount of the day up.

How many of these taught you something new?

The one etching I did work on did make me realise that my ideas need to be tweaked a bit. Maybe less detail is needed. The important aspects of the image began to get lost. 

How many hours did you spend in the printmaking workshop?

I spent the whole day in there. 

Competence in the practical printmaking techniques - 50-59 - This could have been better. I could have worked faster and achieved a little bit more. 

Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking - 50-59 - I have been working with etching again, and still seeing what is achievable with it, attempting to layer my etchings. 

Visual sensibility; understanding and expressing ideas - 60-69 - I have been working on one particular image over the week, changing how I am creating it, to try and get the best result possible. 

Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work -  50-59 - I do keep referring to my sketchbook for research, trying to work out how they have achieved their images. 

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