Thursday, 11 November 2010

Print Pathway Aesops' Fables

Paul Hickey / for lesson on 09/11/2010

How many prints did you make this week? 

I made eight prints this week of two different images which will almost certainly be used in the final book. 

How many of these taught you something new?

None of them. I've learnt what works for me in terms of printing so I continued to work in that successful way. 

How many hours did you spend in the Printmaking workshop?

I was in there all day. 

Competence in the practical printmaking technique 60-69 - This is getting much better with every week. Especially with etching, I feel very pleased with what I can now achieve. 

Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking 50-59 - I already had planned what I wanted to create in that print lesson, but the way I used the ink in and around the images changed with each print to get as many different outcomes as possible. This meant using different things to 'clean' areas of the etching plate to create tone, such as different textured cloths, a knife, pencils etc. 

Visual sensibility; understanding and expressing ideas 60-69 - When I was using the ink in different ways I was thinking of what mood I wanted to create. 

Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work - 30-39 - I haven't used any new research for my work from the last time. I feel I am focussed on an idea, and I am quite far into the project, so I don't need any more research, unless something really does capture my attention or I get stuck.       

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