Thursday, 20 October 2011

Occupy LSX

I went to St. Paul's Cathedral this morning to see the Occupy LSX protestors. I admire what they're doing and they aim to stay there for several months if they can. I'm not sure they'll last that long but I can imagine them staying there a good while. They seemed to get on well with the police, who were quite relaxed.

It was strange to see the wide variety of people who were joining in; people from all walks of life. I went to see how they are making their impact on the situation and how they might need further help. If someone was to make work for them, what would they want on it, what kind of impact etc. From this I could see how to go about my own work, trying to encourage people to take more of a notice of things happening around the world. Showing them that this can be more interesting than just watching the news. The use of social networking sites for reportage is becoming more of a popular tool, so I want to promote this, but also revealing what is happening in Syria with their push for a revolution.

It was easy to see what they would want. They had already began doing it themselves. They want distribution. They want their message to spread and have a clear message; a huge impact. The choice of St. Paul's was also carefully selected. The sight has relevance to the kind of changes they seek. This is something I definitely need to think about with my work. Where it will be seen.

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