Thursday, 6 October 2011

Syria Protests - Panorama

I watched a Panorama special last week on the Syria protests (Panorama - Syria: Inside the Secret Revolt) and it was quite shocking to see what is actually going on there. It's not something I've not heard too much about mainly because journalists are currently banned from entering the country.

The Syrian public are pushing for democratic change with peaceful protests but are being met by the government using shocking brutality. Snipers are being forced to shoot at protestors of any age. Something surely has to be done soon by the UN. They have began talks about actions to take against the Syrian government, but to the frustration of the other countries, Russia and China failed to agree to the proposed actions.

The footage from the documentary was taken by protestors using hidden cameras in clothing and cars. The photos I took are quite distorted but show the true panic that sets in when these peaceful protests turn into what can only be described as a war zone.

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