Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Self defined Brief - Collages on the 'Troubles', Northern Ireland

I have started creating collages of some of the horrific things that happened during the 'Troubles' from images I have taken from books and off of the T.V. I have also drawn and painted into them with acrylic, spray paint and ink. I think these are quite good materials to use as it really helps give a sense a run down urban area - which it did become, while the public began to express their feelings in the form of graffiti and murals. This is something I really want to capture. These works are only preliminary, so I will probably have to go back and do some of them again, better, and on a smaller scale (no more than A3). These were much bigger so I had to photograph them, which I don't want to do for the finals incase they are not so clear. I will keep working on this style, which I'm beginning to love, but I've singled out certain images which I think will look better drawn, so I'll post these on here soon.

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