Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Self defined Brief - More collages on the 'Troubles'.

Here are a couple more collages I have created. I need to start putting them together on photoshop now to see where I'm at. I've done some drawings of people etc to put with them so I'll post them soon along with the variations of compositions. The top image will have a drawing of Majella O'Hare (the 12 year old girl the a Para shot) on the end wall of the house, like a mural.

The bottom image needs the drawings of people running away. I wanted to make the paras like giants, destroying everything to kind of show their huge presence and impact. I have done an alternative one where the para's faces are more cartoon style - Ralph Steadman's influence, so I still may use that. I'm taking my time on this print. I think when I've sussed this one the others will be much easier.

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