Tuesday, 5 April 2011

self defined Brief - Ralph Steadman

I have decided to create a series of small books for a few examples of the abuse of power throughout (modern) history. It will be poster, or piece of art which is folded into a small book. When it is in the form of the small book, the images you see will illustrate that particular event. Only when the book is unfolded will the true abuse of power be seen. I want the book to have to be really deconstructed - picked and torn apart to see the full picture.

I think Ralph Steadman will be a major influence of how I illustrate these events. With the conflict in Northern Ireland, in front of the press the British Paras will be smart, neatly drawn, but behind the scenes they will appear more like monsters, wreaking havoc.

I also plan on doing another book on the watergate scandal. Steadman's portrayal of Nixon is perfect!

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