Thursday, 5 May 2011

Self defined Brief - Abu Ghraib Second Final Image

This is the second and final print I will be making for Abu Ghraib and the entire project. I'm really pleased with this! Again, quite simple, but, I think, effective. I used an image from Abu Ghraib of a prisoner made to stand on a box with their arms out. They have wires attached to their hands, so if they fall off the box (normally they're on it for about 72 hours) they will be electrocuted. This is a lie, there is not electricity running through the wires - its a psychological thing. I thought this is good as with their arms out it not only shows this torture technique, but with their arms out, its a pose you associate welcoming someone with.
I've tried to make the images on it a bit blurred or pixelated to increase the sense that these are documented. All the negative sources for this prison that made it to the media were like this, as they were taken quickly, or on standard digital cameras, without the army knowing, so I tried to keep this idea in the print.
The children's slides are there as they were trying to claim this prison is so nice, prisoners won't want to leave, so I thought 'what is the object furthest away from a dark, threatening environment?' and I thought of a child's playground. It's a bit random, but its a personal response, and I think it works. Also, it should make the viewer think about it more.

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