Sunday, 1 May 2011

Self defined Brief - Watergate Final One

I think this is pretty much one of the Nixon prints done. It's quite simple but I like it. I tried to give it the energy the original Nixon image I've used had. As if He's just got into power and he can do anything. I got the idea for it from watching one of Nixon's interviews where he admits he believes that nothing the president does can be called 'illegal'. They have the right to do anything, as if he can play god. It's worth watching, the look on Nixon's face as the words are coming out are priceless - the look of a man who has realised he probably shouldn't have just said that!

I'm still not too sure about the type. It's ok, but could be better, so I'll get on with my other final images and come back to it. The clouds are a bit too cut off from the rest of the image aswell, so I will probably bring them down a bit so they overlap with the grey.

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