Thursday, 5 May 2011

Self defined Brief - Abu Ghraib - 'Standard Operating Procedure'

These are some photos that I took from when watching 'Standard Operating Procedure'. It's a documentary I think by Errol Morris. It's about the state of Abu Ghraib prison and how the prisoners were treated, and ended up in the prison. Most of them hadn't committed crimes, they were there to be 'interviewed' and interrogated. It's quite shocking at times but really interesting how a lot of the soldiers working there are interviewed trying to defend what they did to the prisoners. This has been a big inspiration for my prints on Abu Ghraib (I just forgot to post this earlier!).
I definitely recommend watching this. The way the soldiers took degrading photos of the prisoners was in all the newspapers when it happened, but you don't realise exactly what they did to these people until you watch something like this.

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